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Whether you are looking at creating a research, development or testing lab our product ecosystem can help you achieve the right level of scientific and technological, work and storage needs.

Lean Laboratory: Simplify Processes & Increase Efficiency

A Lean Laboratory is a laboratory that has been designed with the principles of lean manufacturing in mind. A sleek and efficient facility that can produce results in an efficient manner while using resources wisely would be one type of lab like this one!

With Furnace’s Lean Approach, you will be able to:

Maximize the value of your procedure

Minimize the necessary steps

Eliminate unnecessary processes

Laboratory Ergonomics: An Approach To Reduce Risks

Ergonomics is about making the work fit the person, not the other way around. When applied to lab furniture, ergonomics considers safety, comfort and productivity among scientists and technicians who will work in the space.

With Furnace’s Lean Approach, you will be able to:

Use adjustable shelving that can be easily reached

Choose from a variety of storage options suited to your needs.

Determine worksurface height as per your need


Our work System comprises Casework Assembly and Auxiliary Components. Using these products we can configure all kinds of laboratories.

Casework Assembly

Furnace casework assemblies comprise an endless array of modular cabinets, tables, and related parts. Our selection is designed to meet the needs of any laboratory, from small research labs to large industrial facilities.

Utility Tables


Furnace utility table is a must-have for any laboratory. Built for superior strength and durability, our tables are designed to withstand the rigors of everyday use.


  • Sturdy table frame

  • Variety of multi-functional worksurfaces

  • Available hanging drawer

  • Castors available

  • Powder-coated finish (with color options)

Auxilliary Components

From high-quality lab fume hood to advanced safety equipment, we have an extensive selection of auxiliary components to meet your laboratory needs.

Laboratory Fume hood

Furnace Laboratory Fume hood is designed to protect workers from harmful fumes and gases generated during scientific experiments. The perfect size and shape make it easy to store in your lab area, allowing you to focus on what's important - your experiments. Available in variations such as High Line Fume hood, Benchtop Fume hood, and Walk-in Fume hood.


  • Made of high-quality steel, finished to match fume hood superstructure.

  • The lower front panel is removable for access to the light fixture

  • Installation hardware included

  • Powder coated finish (with color options)

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