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Corvuss Laboratory Expansion Project

Updated: Apr 7

Corvuss American Academy is the first international boarding academy in Karjat

Maharashtra, India for athlete students.

The Story of Corvuss

Corvuss Academy opened in October 2020, committed to helping talented athletes and students develop their skills, pursue an internationally recognized academic degree and leverage their athletic and academic abilities to pursue admissions in colleges globally. The coaches are world-class, coming from different parts of the world to train the students. They also have affiliations with institutes overseas, so they help their students get admission there once they graduate from the school.

For that, Furnace helped them in setting up a multipurpose laboratory that could fit all the 3 Subjects (Physics, Chemistry and Biology) in it together. We helped them with the layout and product selection, and within a short time, the furniture was installed.

The Challenge- Expansion of Laboratory

After a year, the client faced difficulty accommodating students in a single multipurpose lab as the number of students increased. So now, their new challenge is to expand the laboratory by creating one lab for Chemistry and Biology, and an individual lab for Physics.

In addition, they did not want to waste any of the furniture previously used in the multipurpose lab.

Why Corvuss Chose Furnace

Seeing the success of their last project, they decided to continue working with Furnace for their laboratory expansion. They were pleased with the service and timely delivery of the product as well as the quality of it.

How Furnace Responded

Furnace repurposed the lab benches that were provided a year before in the multipurpose lab to convert it into a Chemistry and Biology Lab.

For their Physics lab, Furnace provided a new and different series of furniture and introduced the Flexi series which could be reused with additional series if more students were to be added in the future, without wasting the existing furniture.

Flexi Series Double Sided Workstation at Corvuss Physics Laboratory

The Results

With this addition, they are now able to accommodate more students in their laboratories. The client was happy with the clean process. As the project was completed in a short span of time, they were able to conduct the classes without disrupting any of their teaching schedules.

Our client was also pleased with our ability to provide furniture that can be repurposed without any loss of value.

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