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Daffodils School Laboratory's Transition From Wooden To Modular Metal Furniture

Updated: Apr 7

Daffodils runs a school for primary and secondary students in Bhandup, Mumbai.

The Story of Daffodils School

Daffodils High Public School was started in 2014 under the leadership of Principal Sonali Jagade. The school’s motto is “DEEPO DEEPAT PRAVARTATE,” which in Sanskrit means one candle lights another, and so on. The vision is to make students self-reliant so that they will set their own goals and try their best to accomplish them.

The Challenge

The school had one old laboratory with wooden furniture. They were planning to set up a new laboratory one for Biology and one for Chemistry for both primary and secondary sections. They were looking to replace the wooden furniture with metal modular laboratory furniture for school audit approval.

The old laboratory room space was small and cluttered. They were facing issues accommodating 35-40 students at once. The students of primary sections are generally smaller in height and it was not suitable for them to use the laboratory table as the old furniture was not designed keeping in mind their heights. Also, there were no storage options to keep the study material. The school wanted the laboratory to be used by any height of students so they don't face any issues. They were also looking for expert guidance for space optimization, height tables, storage solutions, and design as per safety standards so that they receive approval during their school audit. Laboratory comes in their main infrastructure and it was important for them to show to their customers.

Why Daffodils School Chose Furnace

The school was aware of Furnace as a brand and they came to know that we have expertise in institutional workspace projects/products after seeing our educational sites. They checked our past project images and product range and found that we were quick on service delivery timelines. This led them to a decision to work with us.

How Furnace Responded

Furnaces’ team created three standing tables of height 900 mm for secondary students keeping their heights and demographics in mind and designed one 750 mm sitting height table for primary students based on their range of heights for each room. This way we could solve their problem of managing both sections of students at once.

We designed the layout in such a way that 35-40 students can accommodate in the same space. These tables were modular and designed as per safety standards. We also provide them with specific storage solutions dedicated to studying materials, stationary, and glassware. An alternate storage option under the table for study material was given by us.

Educational Lab Table at Daffodils School Laboratory

The Results

We were able to complete this project within a 4-5 weeks timeline as estimated. Our space design helped them to have an organized space. The school’s management team was quite happy with our work that they recommended and introduced us to their colleague who runs his own school. The student's accommodation issue was resolved, and the furniture was also made suitable for students with variable heights.

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