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Enhancing Tool Management At Sunflag Steel With Furnace's Industrial Tool Cupboards

Updated: Nov 18, 2023


Sunflag Iron and Steel Co. Ltd., located in Bhandara near Nagpur belongs to the Sunflag Group which has diversified business interests in Steel, Synthetic Yarns Fabrics, and non-wovens textiles, spanning across the globe. Steel is one of the main products of industrial development.

Today Sunflag operates a 0.5 million tonnes per annum capacity plant manufacturing high-quality steel products including a wide range of special alloy and stainless steels.

Story of Sunflag Steel

The company was looking for a heavy-duty industrial tool cupboard that can store tools, hardware, and tool kits/tool boxes. They were also looking for bins for their new and existing manufacturing plants.

The Challenges

Sunflag Steel had numerous workstations bustling with employees diligently carrying out daily operations. However, a critical missing element was the absence of dedicated storage cabinets, equipped with suitable lock and key options, where all materials could be securely stored. This absence resulted in frequent losses due to tool misplacement and worker injuries.

Without dedicated storage, accountability for the tools used by workers was nonexistent. Consequently, tools were frequently lost or misplaced during daily operations, contributing to a cluttered and chaotic workspace.

How Furnace Responded

Eager to address the concerns and needs of the client, we attentively listened and devised a solution that would cater to their requirements: the industrial tool cupboards. These meticulously designed cupboards not only provided a secure storage solution for their tools but also maximized the internal space within.

With great enthusiasm, we set out to manufacture 200 tool storage cupboards, each equipped with robust locks and keys. This transformative addition allowed the client to not only optimize their workspace but also unlock new levels of efficiency and productivity in their daily operations.

The Results

As a delightful result, the cupboards successfully bid farewell to the ever-present clutter, creating a more organized and streamlined environment for the entire team. Not only it helped them to reduce the losses due to improper tool management, but it also promoted the well-being of their workers.

The client was happy with the product's quality, durability, and usage.

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