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Explore Industrial Furniture For Improved Production Spaces

Updated: Nov 20, 2023

We all know that production is the heart of any manufacturing business. What if we tell you could make it work even better?

Imagine a production area where everything runs smoothly – the right quality, right amount, right on time, and at the right cost. Sounds amazing, right?

Well, guess what? You can achieve this with some productive moves:

1. To ensure efficient material handling and process flow, the travel distance between workstations & storage areas should be minimal.

Image of a Production Area showing the distance between the workstation and storage system to be minimal.

2. Incorporating appropriate storage solutions like shelves and bins for raw materials.

Image of storage solutions used in production area

3. Utilizing vertical space to maximize storage capacity helps declutter the floor.

Image showing benefits of using vertical space that prevents clutter.

4. Designing workstations with proper tools and materials, along with effective material handling, optimizes material flow and reduces production bottlenecks.

Image of Workstations with accessories/tools and materials

5. Utilizing Heavy-duty workbenches for a sturdy and spacious surface for various production tasks such as assembly and repairs.

Image of a Heavy-duty workbench

6. By including drawer-equipped base cabinets, you get tidy storage for tools and small parts, reducing mess and aiding fast item finding during production.

Image of a Cabinet with Drawers

7. Adding mobile cabinets eliminates the need for back-and-forth trips between workstations.

Image of a Tool Trolley helping in cutting back and forth trips between workstations.

With the right industrial furniture system, you can improve production operations. Our products like Pro Workbench, Link Stand, Scitec Workbench, Link Cart, and Mobile Cabinet aid in achieving these goals.

There's more to discover beyond the Production Area! Check out solutions for Assembly, Maintenance, Storage, and more in the blog below.

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