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Furnace's Innovative Paint Storage Solution for GE Diesel Locomotive's Marhowrah Plant


The General Electric Company is best known for its work in the Power, Renewable Energy, Aviation, and Healthcare industries.

The Story Of GE Diesel Locomotive Opening A New Plant

The Diesel Locomotive Factory in Marhowrah is a GE Transportation and Indian Railways joint venture to produce 1000 high-power freight locomotives over 10 years for Indian railway tracks. They wanted to set up a new plant in Marhowrah (80 km from Patna) and they were looking to store their paint chemicals/paints appropriately and safely.

The Challenges To Store Chemicals Safely

GE was struggling with storing its paint chemicals inventory in a secure and well-organized manner. As part of their new project setup, they had a strong commitment to maintaining safety standards for their inventory. Consequently, they were actively seeking vendors capable of customizing racks to meet their precise technical requirements.

How Furnace Responded

The sales representative of Furnaces quickly reached out to the Paint shop manager as soon as they received a digital inquiry. They had a brief conversation to understand the Paint shop's challenges, needs, and general information about their company. The Paint shop manager shared a detailed layout and technical specifications, allowing us to grasp their exact requirements. Furnaces promptly provided them with 200 racks that covered an area of around 10,000 sq. ft, precisely meeting their needs. We successfully delivered the racks before their scheduled deadline.

The Results

By using racks, they were able to store their paints and paint chemicals more efficiently, making the best use of their space. GE was highly pleased with the quality of our work, the functionality of our product, and our prompt responses to their inquiries. They were so satisfied with our offerings that they placed another order for 80 racks for a different department.

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