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How E[co]Work Established A Co-working Space For Dismantlers in Delhi

Updated: Nov 18, 2023

E[co]work, based in Delhi, is committed to finding ways to prevent the environmental damage caused by e-waste by empowering e-waste micro-entrepreneurs.

What does E[co]work do?

Micro-entrepreneurs have been active in the recycling sector for a long time, and therefore have valuable experience and knowledge to contribute to a sustainable recycling ecosystem. However, in most countries, these micro-entrepreneurs are often considered illegal, ignored by most ‘formal’ stakeholders, and lack access to appropriate resources. To help them, E[co]work aims to set up E[co]work Spaces that are co-working spaces adapted for micro-entrepreneurs in the waste sector through a participatory design process. An e-waste micro-entrepreneur can rent a safe and legal workspace that is in line with regulations on a pay-per-use model at an E[co]work Space.

The Challenges

E[co]work wanted to bring the same co-work facility to India that it had created overseas. The project started in Delhi, so the team began looking for local vendors online. However, they did not like the approach used by the vendors in Delhi: they were not solution-driven and did not empathize with E[co]work's problem.

Another challenge was that they wanted scalable furniture for their project. After reaching out to so many vendors within India, they found local fabricators were able to provide with them custom solutions but because of their unprofessionalism and mediocre quality, E[co]work could not make use of their services.

Why E[co]work Chose Furnace?

E[co]work reached out to Furnace when they were looking for vendors. They liked our profile, our solution-oriented approach, our product range, and the fact that our products have a configurable system where they can be customized as per their needs, something which the local fabricator wasn't able to provide. They liked the flexibility of customization, as well as Furnace's ability to help visualize the product. They also appreciated our empathetic approach.

How Furnace Solved Their Problem

Furnace went to the client with a friendly demeanor and an empathetic approach to solving their problem. We tried to understand their needs and provided the perfect solution by installing 32 tables, including Link Workstand and Base Series Workbench. Furnace team also helped its customers with the layout and placement of their furniture, allowing them to make optimal use of the space.

The Results

The client liked that they could assemble and dismantle furniture themselves when required. The flexibility of the furniture gave them the freedom to use it at their convenience, no matter where they were. The product was delivered on time, and the client was happy that all of their issues were resolved by a single vendor instead of dealing with unprofessional local fabricators.

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