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How Mitatronics Embraced Furnace's Modular ESD Workstations For A More Organized Workspace

Updated: Nov 18, 2023


Mitatronics, based in Mumbai, India, was established in 2006 with the goal of offering design consultancy and contract manufacturing services for electronic systems. The company specializes in designing and manufacturing electronics such as PCBs, software development, and VSLI.

The Story of Mitatronics Project

Mitatronics acquired a new factory in Mahape, Navi Mumbai, and they were in need of ESD workstations for the facility. The company’s old plant comprises wooden tables that reduced the overall workspace appeal. They wanted workstations that are both modular and visually appealing, as they wanted to create a positive impression on visitors to their new plant.

The Challenges

The company had an old plant with wooden tables that made the workspace look unattractive. The clutter in the old plant was affecting the efficiency of workers and the company's overall performance. Additionally, their old plant didn't have modular workstations with the necessary accessories for electronics assembly.

They needed a workstation that could accommodate two people and provide enough space for efficient work.

Not just this, they wanted to move to their new plant quickly and needed the product to be delivered and installed within 4-5 weeks.

How Furnace Responded

The Furnaces' team created a sample workstation for the company to check if it met their requirements before making the actual order. Once the company approved the sample, our production team started working on it.

We manufactured 60 ESD modular workstations that were perfect for assembling PCBs and electronic products. The workstations helped the company declutter and organize its workspace, which improved work efficiency and productivity. Furthermore, everything was placed on the worktable, making it convenient for the workers to access.

Furnace's ESD Workstations at Mitatronics Site

The Results

Mitratronics was content with our product quality and functionality which led them to order 6 more ESD workstations for the same plant.

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