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How Sero (Apparel Manufacturer) Simplified Its Complex Kitting Process With Furnace Workstation

Updated: Jan 4


Established in 1971, Sero Apparel is an apparel brand for men.

The Story

Sero has its own factory where clothes are stitched. Since they were using conventional methods, the owner wanted to change/restructure the entire facility.

The Challenges

The facility had a complex process of supplying raw materials to its vendors. The process involved creating a packing list, collecting the raw materials from various storage areas, making kits, and issuing them to vendors. The process was time-consuming and required a lot of effort from workers. They had previously segregated the department into casual, formal, and kitting/issuing departments. However, the storage area was not organized, and finding materials was challenging.

Why Sero Chose Furnace

Sero had a meeting with the Furnace team and thought that our products could be the solution to their workplace problems and would simplify the complex process.

The Solution

Furnace came up with the solution of using bins and creating a system with a Flow rack and Link workstation.

This system was designed to gather, organize, and distribute all the raw materials in one convenient place. It covered everything from getting the raw materials like fabric, buttons, box patti, collar bone, labels, and more, to giving them out as needed. No more hunting for materials – the whole process became much simpler.

Furnace Workstation for Sero Apparel


With this new system, Sero was able to optimize the use of space, simplify the process, and improve efficiency. The collaboration between Furnace and Sero led to the successful implementation of a new system that simplified the process and improved efficiency. This is an excellent example of how workplace solution providers can help businesses optimize their processes and improve efficiency.

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