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How Upakarna Accommodated 2x Staff Without Increasing Space

Updated: Nov 18, 2023

Founded in 2019, Upakarna is a jewelry brand based in Mumbai, India by two entrepreneurs with solid experience in the jewelry industry. Upakarna's mission is to deliver high-quality, personally curated hand-crafted jewelry. With the flexibility of Furnace products, Upakarna was able to accommodate more staff, increase their volume of work and expand their facility.

The Story of Upakarna

Upakarna has a strong presence in the imitation jewelry market. They started their business in-house during COVID, had an assembly and packaging operation at home itself, and later as the business scaled they started looking for outside facilities to handle their volume of work. For that, Furnace helped them to set up furniture in a new facility so that they could perform assembly and packaging operations as well as store materials.

Challenge of Project Expansion

After 3 months, the client's business had picked up and they found themselves needing to accommodate 10 people in their facility (up from the initial 5).

Why Upakarna Chose Furnace

Seeing the success of their last project, they decided to continue working with Furnace for their facility expansion as well. They were pleased with the service and timely delivery of the product as well as the quality of it.

How Furnace Responded

We were able to reconfigure their Flexi workstation to be double-sided, allowing them to use the same product they already had with only the addition of the work surface assembly. Coming back to their storage needs, the Link Workstand came with the additional perk of being able to be reconfigured to better suit their needs as time goes on - whether that means adding or removing shelves or simply adjusting the worktop.

Furnace's Double sided workstation at Upakarna Facility

Double Sided Flexi workstation at Upakarna's Facility

The Results

As we reconfigured the existing products for them, this saved them money (only 20% of the first project) while still allowing them to expand their business. And the flexibility allows them to get longer use out of a single piece of furniture.

The client was looking for a product that would last for years, and they did not want to have to keep buying new furniture as their business grows. They were happy to find that Furnace offered a way for them to keep using their existing products without spending a lot of money and time on replacement.

Apart from the workers, the team members also had the added advantage of sitting and working with Flexi Workstation and Link Workstand as both products can be used interchangeably.

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