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Khar Education's Journey To Revamp Its Old Science Labs

Updated: Apr 7

Khar Education Society is a charitable trust based in Khar, Mumbai. It's a well-known and long-established facility that runs its own school- Shree Mumbadevi Vidya Mandir School

The Story of Khar Education Society

The Khar Education Society was formed in 1934 and took over 'Bal-Mandir' which had started in 1930, added further classes and named it 'Sharda Mandir' in 1993 at Khar Mumbai. Shree Mumbadevi Vidya Mandir (ICSE) got affiliated with CISCE, New Delhi in November 2017. It is housed in a five-storey structure on 4th Road, Khar (West).

The ICSE school has classes for children from Nursery to Senior K.g. in the Pre-primary section, and classes I – X in the Primary section.

The Challenge

The Khar Education Society wanted to revitalize its facilities. Not only did the organization want to attract more students, but it also wanted to create an environment where students could enjoy learning. To achieve this, they decided to re-create their laboratories in Physics, Biology, and Chemistry classrooms as they had old furniture and wanted to replace it. They already had a vendor in contact, but he was not specialized in laboratories. Khar Education wanted someone who had experience serving specifically labs. Also, they had a lot of rooms but limited space in each so they were completely clueless as to how to utilize them to accommodate 40 students in each. Apart from the space constraints, they were unaware of the lab safety norms as well. They wanted a vendor to help them with space utilization and furniture setup, so they could show the lab to students' parents on their academic year calendar.

Why Khar Education Society Chose Furnace

As they searched for vendors, they came across Furnace. They got impressed with our image gallery and past projects and the fact that we have experience in the laboratory industry, so we can better help them in setting up a new facility than anybody else.

How Furnace Responded

The Furnace team consulted the client (Trustee and HOD) in order to determine which space should be used for which lab. We chose the areas that were most suitable for the lab, considering factors such as accessibility to students, which science subjects required more students, and which subjects required more batches in a week.

Furnace took the challenge and helped the client manage their space optimization, and layout, set up the Lab Furniture in creative ways, and maximize the usage of each space. We also ensured students had access to utility points (gas, sink, and electrical points).

Educational laboratory furniture at Khar Education Facility

The Results

The client was delighted with our services. They wanted long-lasting metal furniture to replace their old wooden furniture. They said it was convenient for them since we were using our own facilities to manufacture the product and assemble it at their site. This helped them avoid disruptions in teaching and other activities at school.

They were amazed by our quick delivery as we completed the project within a short time period of 4 weeks and installed it in a few days. They also needed assistance with other utilities such as plumbing and electrical points and gas. So we worked closely with them to get everything in place.

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