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Making Packaging Operations Simple & Effective

Ever wondered how items go from the factory to your doorstep ready for use? It's all thanks to the packaging area. This is where products undergo their final transformation, perfectly packed to keep them safe and represent the brand. But it's not just about looks – efficient packaging processes ensure that items are ready to travel securely, making their way to you in top-notch condition.

It involves various tasks such as sorting, labeling, assembling, and packing products into containers for shipping. To accomplish all these tasks efficiently, multiple factors have to be considered when it comes to packaging workstations.

1. The workstations in the packaging area are like special work tables. They can be designed to accommodate various tasks such as labeling, sealing, quality checks, and packaging assembly.

Image of Packaging Workstation

2. Each workstation should be equipped with all the necessary tools, materials, and equipment needed for specific tasks.

3. Visual cues like shadow boards can help organize tools and ensure they are returned to their designated locations after use.

Image of Shadow Board/Pegboard

4. Flow racks use gravity for part feeding, cutting down on manual work. They're great for storing boxes and cartons systematically. With items moving forward as they're taken, you get a first-in, first-out setup. This means faster picking, less unnecessary moving around, and a major efficiency boost!

Image of Flow Racks

Image of Flow Racks

5. Trolleys or carts can be used to transport packaged products from one workstation to another or from the packaging area to the shipping or storage area.

Image of Trolleys/Carts

Furnace Products utilized for achieving these goals- Packing Workstation, Flow Rack, FIFO Rack, Trolley, Universal Cart, Pegboard

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