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Product Configuration Features & Benefits

In any business that sells products, it's important to make it easy for customers to choose exactly what they need. Furnace, a company that makes furniture for businesses, does this by letting customers build their furniture by providing configurable products.

Furnace's Configurable products are like build-your-own options. You choose the features, size, and materials you need to create the perfect product for your workplace, making it truly customized to your specific requirements.



  • Multiple Model Options: Choose from various options in worktops in different sizes to fit your space perfectly.

  • Functional Design: Each piece prioritizes functionality, often having modular elements or adaptable features, allowing you to tailor it for your specific use for current as well as future needs.

  • Integrated Ecosystem: Mix and match different configurable products from the same series to create a cohesive and functional workspace.

  • Wide Accessory Selection: Enhance your chosen models with a variety of add-ons like shelves, drawers, monitor arms, or lighting, to personalize and optimize your workspace for ultimate comfort and productivity.



  • Easy Selection: Choose only the features you need, streamlining the selection process and making it easier to find the perfect fit.

  • Reduced Time: Pick from pre-designed components; configure your ideal piece in minutes, saving valuable time.

  • Future-Proof Flexibility: Adapt your furniture to changing needs by adding or rearranging components, future-proofing your investment.

  • Cost Savings: Only pay for what you need, avoiding unnecessary features for a more cost-effective solution.

  • Increased Confidence: Get exactly what you envision with the ability to customize and visualize your furniture before you buy.


Connect with our team to get your desired product configured.


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