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St. Gobain Streamlining Their Inspection Processes With Furnace Workstations


Saint-Gobain, a global leader in the housing and construction industries, creates, produces, and delivers building materials and high-performance products that offer creative solutions for the demands of growth, energy efficiency, and environmental protection. They have a plant in Mumbai for manufacturing grinding wheels.

The Story of St. Gobain

Saint Gobain aimed to create a workspace that would impress their customers and visitors by highlighting the high quality of their inspection area. The client has a manufacturing facility with a large open shop floor measuring around 1 lakh sq. ft. They had a requirement to create a specific area for quality inspection of their materials. Their goal was to have an enclosed space, with three sides enclosed, where they could set up modular workstations for this purpose.

Additionally, they needed a mobile storage solution that could be easily moved to different areas of the factory without requiring significant modifications. The workspace had to accommodate three work inspections and be equipped with all the necessary accessories and provisions for inspection purposes.

The Challenge

They faced a challenge as they had a large space of 1 lakh sq. ft., but lacked a specific area for inspecting their materials. They had an idea in mind but required clear guidance to turn their concept into a practical reality.

How Furnace Responded

Furnace undertook this project where we designed and produced three portable workstations and movable storage units with necessary accessories and provisions for inspection. These solutions greatly improved organization and reduced clutter, leading to optimized use of space. Our mobile storage options offer flexibility, allowing them to adapt their space easily and furniture arrangements.

The Results

The project was completed on schedule, and the client was jubilant with the product. The workstations helped them showcase their work to visitors more effectively, which was one of their main goals.

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