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The Evolution of Upakarna's Business: From a Home-Based Operation To An External Facility

Updated: Nov 18, 2023

Founded in 2019, Upakarna is a jewelry brand based in Mumbai, India by two entrepreneurs with strong experience in the jewelry industry. Upakarna's mission is to deliver high-quality, personally curated hand-crafted jewelry. With the flexibility of Furnace products, Upakarna was able to accommodate more staff, increase their volume of work and expand their facility.

The Story of Upakarna

Upakarna has a strong presence in the imitation jewelry market. They started their business in-house during COVID, had an assembly and packaging operation at home itself, and later as the business scaled they started looking for outside facilities to handle their volume of work.

Challenge of Establishing a New Facility

The company felt a pressing need to extend its facility to a larger one in order to have a dedicated space to assemble and package its jewelry products. They also needed a storeroom to keep raw materials and packaging materials.

The workspace needed to be built in a way that promoted cleanliness and organization of the space, while also giving those who would be working there a sense of shared pride.

The furniture they were looking for needed to accommodate multiple people to work on assembly and packaging together without having to move around too much. They also wanted the furniture to be scalable so that, if the number of employees increased in the future, they could accommodate them. For their Store Room area, they needed to use the space as efficiently as possible because they needed to do kitting products or parts in the store room itself, along with storing materials.

Why Upakarna Chose Furnace

The client began their search for highly functional and scalable furniture providers and came across Furnace. The client visited Furnace's facility and after learning about our product range and the confidence that we build, they realized that we could provide exactly what they were looking for.

How Furnace Responded

Furnace began working with the client and their architect to make sure we understood the layout and situation. We helped them by providing them with FlexiWorkstation - a product that met all their needs of assembly and packaging.

Single-Sided Flexi Workstation at Upakarna Site

Single-Sided Flexi Workstation at Upakarna Site

The Furnace Single-sided Flexi Workstation was the perfect solution for their needs. One of the major issues was the space constraint in their facility. They had little space to fit the furniture, and Furnace helped them solve this problem by placing the furniture in their facility and optimizing the space too. The workstation can also hold accessories that were vital to their operations, making it an ideal choice for their business.

And to help them fulfill their storage needs, we gave them a Link Workstand that comes with shelves and a worktop that could help them in kitting operations and storing the material as well.

Link Workstand with shelves and worktop

Link Workstand with shelves and worktop

The Results

The client was impressed with all of the features that the product offered, from the adjustable angle shelves to the flexibility to be reconfigured as needed. The product was delivered before the deadline and within a few minutes, it was installed.

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