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When VEnsure Pharma Technologies Faced The Challenge Of Renovating Its Laboratory Prior To Audit

Updated: Apr 7

V Ensure Pharma Technologies (founded in 2010) is in the Contract research, API development, and contract manufacturing business.

The Story of V Ensure

V Ensure is Furnace's existing client and they wanted to expand lab furniture into the existing setup and new lab furniture in the new additional rooms. They were happy with our existing work and wanted us to supply and execute the lab furniture like existing design and color combination

The Challenges of Lab Installation Before Audit

They wanted us to install the lab furniture without interfering with their ongoing work and research. They also wanted us to design, manufacture and install the furniture within a time span of 4-5 weeks for all the rooms, plus set up a separate room for racks. As the company had an upcoming internal audit for its plant, it needed this completed within a tight timeframe.

How Furnace Responded

Our team visited their site, understood the pain points, and considered the deadline. We manufactured and designed laboratory furniture in phases, leaving each phase ready for use so we could install it without disturbing or affecting any work or research.

Furnace Laboratory Furniture at V Ensure Facility

Furnace Laboratory Furniture at V Ensure Facility

Furnace Glass Door Tall Storage

The Results

The client was delighted with the quality of our product, and we supplied it to them within 4-5 days before their audit.

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