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Planning to design your space? Schedule a FREE CONSULTATION today!

Whether it's a warehouse, workshop, assembly, or production space, your industrial furniture needs are covered. At Furnace, we offer complete support from planning to space designing, including manufacturing and installation.

With us, you can get everything you need in one place, ensuring you always have the perfect workspace for any task.

Advice, Planning & Visualization

Measurement of plant layout

One Time Site Visit

Ensuring an accurate understanding of your space and needs. You receive tailored advice based on your specific site.


3 Revisions in Visuals

You can fine-tune your design until it's perfect for you. Reducing the risk of mistakes saves you money in the long run

Product Selection Advice

Get guidance to choose products that fit your requirements. Save time by avoiding the hassle of researching products on your own.

Space Planning

Optimize your space for maximum functionality. See how your space will look before making changes.

Detailed 3D Product & Space Design

Easily understand how your space will look in 3D. Make decisions confidently with a detailed design to reference.

Individual Engineering

Got unique needs for your workspace? Whether it's special sizes, technical features, or a custom design, we've got you covered. Our tailored engineering service ensures your specific requirements are met.

With years of expertise in planning, designing, and assembling customized solutions, even the most challenging projects are handled with ease by Furnace.

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Book a Consultation


Talk to our technical experts and get assistance with Product configuration, Project alignment, and Budget Planning

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