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Value Investment

Furnace strives to add value at every stage of its buyer's business journey. Being fully aware of the versatile stages that our buyers go through, our team focuses on empowering its buyers at their pace. Empathizing with project dynamics, its complexity and time sensitivity; we approach projects in three ways; namely

Pre-configured, Configurable and Space Integrator.

pre configured.png


We have uncovered an extensive set of solutions that have been repeatedly used by buyers which we showcase as a Pre-configured range of products. This approach not only saves time and bandwidth to configure a solution but also to deliver it; reducing the overall project life cycle thus saving resources.

Pre configurable


Configurable Approach is well suited for situations that need a custom solution due to the criticality behind its function. In order to efficiently adopt this approach, we have pre-engineered and modularized the products so that the buyer can custom play it to their needs thus allowing the buyer to reduce the functional risk attached with custom fabricating products while getting reliability as well as flexibility.

Space Integrator.jpg


We suggest Space Integrator Approach for situations where a workspace is being newly designed or redesigned fundamentally. Through this approach we focus on designing the solution based on the operative needs of the work; space utilization (Maximisation vs Optimisation) objectives; integrating with auxiliary space elements like mechanical, electrical and plumbing..

Space Integrator
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