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How Furnace Helps Marquardt Securely Store Crucial Sensor Items


Marquardt Group specializes in automation, producing mechatronics parts for the automotive industry. This includes items like keys, driving mechanism parts, and sensor boards.

The Story

It started when the purchasing team from Marquardt visited our product display at MAHATech 23 in Pune. They were impressed with our Pro Workstation, particularly the accompanying cabinet. Expressing interest, they mentioned a need for our products in their Mumbai plant's store department. Given that they manufacture sensor boards, which are valuable components, they sought cabinets to store these items securely.


The Challenges

One difficulty the client faced was finding a nearby vendor. Although they had a registered vendor, the distant location posed transportation cost challenges.


Why Marquardt Chose Furnace's Base Cabinet

To solve the transportation problem, they started looking for nearby vendors. This search led them to Furnace, attracted by its advantageous product ecosystem and the absence of location constraints.

How Furnace Responded

Following our meet-up at the expo, we contacted them via email, providing all the necessary details. They linked us with the end user within their team, and we obtained all the technical data needed, including the cabinet size, number of drawers, and a list of items to be stored.

Because they had numerous sensor items and small components, they required drawer partitions for organized storage, item segregation, and identification. We manufactured the base cabinet as per the above requirements and delivered the product safely.


The Results

The client's needs were effectively addressed. As their Mumbai plant is relocating to Pune soon, we equipped the cabinet with a fork truck base frame to facilitate its transportation. Additionally, we included an extra 50 compartments in the drawer, allowing for future divisions if needed. This demonstrates the product's adaptability to meet both current and future requirements.

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