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Pro Series Workbench

Pro by Name, Pro in Action

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Discover Furnace's Pro workbench series, meticulously crafted to endure the harshest work environments. These heavy-duty workbenches (upto 1000kg) are engineered to meet the demands of harsh tasks while providing versatile solutions for your basic manufacturing space needs.

These heavy-duty workstations provide flexibility to accommodate different types of industrial work tables, including maintenance workbenches and industrial assembly tables.

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Suitable for Heavy-Duty Operations

  • Variety of resilient worksurfaces stays strong even in super heavy-duty operations

Capability to perform multiple tasks

  • Wide choice of above & below work surface accessories provides ergonomics and organised space

Highly durable

  • Provision of heavy-duty welded leg increases load capacity and durability of workbench

Creates an Optimised Space

  • Storage cabinet/hanging drawer providing additional storage space

Improved safety & Comfort

  • Ergonomic handle reduces the likelihood of injury/fatigue


Heavy Duty Workstation

Sturdy Construction with 1000kg UDL

A robust welded structure with reinforced legs and frame ensuring strength, stability, and sturdiness, contributing to a 1000kg UDL load capacity.

Heavy Duty Workstation Worktop option

Worksurface Options

1. Postform laminated particle board

2. Plyboard

3. GI cladding over Plyboard

4. SS cladding over Plyboard. 

Modular Heavy Duty Workstation

Future Proofing

Modular designs ensure adaptability as work processes and requirements evolve.

Heavy Duty Workstation above worksurface accessories

Above Work Surface Accessories

1. Variety of shelves with dividers.

2. Lighting Provision

3. Options for Tool Rail and attachments.

4. Provision for Power Supply

5. Variety of panels with accessories (ex. pegboard, marker board etc)

6. Provision for mounting bins.

Heavy Duty Workstation with Cabinet

Choice of Storage Cabinet/ Hanging Drawers

Enhances organization and speeds up item retrieval. Drawer Compartment accessory available.

Heavy duty slides used for heavy duty use with load capacity 80kg/drawer.

Lock in Cabinet

Locking Option

Keep your tools and materials safe and sound with our reliable locking system.

Cabinet Ergonomic Handle

Ergonomic Handle

Promotes easy, safe access while minimizing strain.

Heavy Duty Workstation Powder Coated Finish

Powder Coated Finish

The powder-coated finish acts as a barrier, preventing rust and corrosion, resistant to scratches and abrasions.

Color Paint Palette

Choice of Colors

Colors available- Black, Dark Grey, Light Grey, Blue & Red

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