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How Furnace Workstation Fuels Ador's EV Charging Research & Development

Updated: Nov 20, 2023

The Customer

Ador is the world’s leading solution provider of high-frequency & conventional high-voltage rectifier transformer sets that are deployed for clean-air applications. They are also India’s largest provider of traffic safety & enforcement solutions, including speed enforcement systems & IP and electronic Variable Messaging Signs, and commercial LED Walls.

The Story of Ador's Project

Ador Powertron and Ador Digatron recently set up a new research and development center for their electric vehicle charging solutions in Pune. Furnace found out about their project when 2 architects from Zuri Architect discovered our furniture at the MAHATech 2023 in Pune. They were impressed with our furniture and thought it would be a great match for the R&D plant.

So, after we got in touch, we set up a meeting to showcase our products. During the meeting, we discussed our furniture, and they even created a layout with our products for Buildswell Buildcon, the civil contractor. The contractor then paid us a visit to the Furnace site to see our manufacturing facility, showroom, and assembly area. This gave him a good idea of what we could do. He was impressed by our technical capabilities.

Following that, Zuri Architects organized a meeting for us with the Ador team, which included their operations heads and R&D heads. In this meeting, they shared their problems, requirements, and the issues they were facing with their current furniture. We were also part of a meeting with the MD.

The Challenges

In addition to setting up the R&D center for electric vehicle charging stations, there was another hurdle: finding the right furniture that could meet their specific needs-

1. Their R&D facility had to handle assembly, disassembly, measurement and testing, and quality control all in one place.

2. The current furniture wasn't very adaptable.

3. It lacked the practical accessories needed for smooth operations.

4. There were no drawers for storage.

5. It wasn't ESD Friendly

Why Ador Chose Furnace

Ador appreciated our solution-oriented approach and how we were friendly and accommodating to their needs. That's the reason they decided to team up with us.

The Solution

To solve their needs, we introduced the Flexi workstation. Here's what it offered:

  1. We included sockets for high-voltage switches and internet supply (RJ 45) in the workstation, meeting their specific requirements.

  2. The workstation had a load capacity of 250kg, as per their request.

  3. With the Flexi workstation, they could now work face-to-face on the same table, leading to improved space optimization and better sitting positions. This setup likely fosters collaboration and communication among individuals sharing the workspace.

  4. If they ever wanted to change the orientation or increase the size of the table in the future, that was entirely possible.

  5. The workstation is ESD-friendly.

  6. In the Flexi setup, they enjoyed ample leg space for their operations, a significant improvement compared to regular 4-legged tables that often get in the way.

Furnace's Flexi Workstation at Ador R&D Facility


Ador needed to find space for 12 engineers, and we managed to do it by arranging a more comfortable setup with our workstation.

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