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Image of a worker standing near Flexi Workstation

Flexi Workstation

Adapt today, Configure for tomorrow

Image of a Flexi Workstation

Flexi Workstations offer ultimate adaptability for both current and future needs. Maximize productivity per square foot with their flexibility. They can be cost-effectively integrated in various configurations (in-line, back-to-back, U, X, L, and T) for efficient workflows.


Increased Functionality

  • Flexi system frame - Double sided Macro/Micro Slot allows for adding accessories and can become a double-sided workstation when necessary

Maximizes vertical as well as horizontal space

  • Can easily be adapted or expanded to meet changing needs with the help of starter/adder frame

Variety of Panels

  • Sturdy panels like pegboard, privacy, reversible marker/tack boards can easily attach between frame upright

Illuminated work area

  • With lighting provision comes Reduced job errors

Higher work efficiency and longevity

  • Wide range of medium-duty worksurface options to optimize and maximize your space

Increased Storage efficiency

  • Variety of Shelfs can be chosen and positioned to best suit each user

Lean Storage solution

  • Variety of rails helps to give access and support storage system

Available hanging drawer

  • Lean and organized storage


Flexi Workstation Features

Comprehensive Features

Furnace's products come with extensive features, and our team is here to assist you in picking the best one for your needs.

Image of a Workbench Top Material

Worksurface Options

Get Furnace's diverse workbench  featuring top-notch materials for any task and standard size options.

Color Paint Palette

Choice of Colors

Pick from 5 different colors and design your dream workstation.

Image of Drawer Partition

Drawer Accessories

Customize your tools/part storage with drawer partitions.

Image of a Lock in Cabinet

Locking Option

Keep your tools and materials safe and sound with our reliable locking system.

Pegboard & Accessories


Select from a range of accessories to secure your tools.

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