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Image of a worker standing near Flexi Workstation

Flexi Workstation

Adapt today, Configure for tomorrow

Flexi Workstation

Flexi Workstations offer ultimate adaptability for both current and future needs. Maximize productivity per square foot with their flexibility. These industrial workstations can be seamlessly incorporated into a variety of setups, including in-line workstations, double-sided workstations, as well as configurations in U, X, L, and T shapes, optimizing workflow efficiency while remaining cost-effective.


Increased Functionality

  • Flexi system frame - Double sided Macro/Micro Slot allows for adding accessories and can become a double-sided workstation when necessary

Maximizes vertical as well as horizontal space

  • Can easily be adapted or expanded to meet changing needs with the help of starter/adder frame

Variety of Panels

  • Sturdy panels like pegboard, privacy, reversible marker/tack boards can easily attach between frame upright

Illuminated work area

  • With lighting provision comes Reduced job errors

Higher work efficiency and longevity

  • Wide range of medium-duty worksurface options to optimize and maximize your space

Increased Storage efficiency

  • Variety of Shelfs can be chosen and positioned to best suit each user

Lean Storage solution

  • Variety of rails helps to give access and support storage system

Available hanging drawer

  • Lean and organized storage


Flexi Workstation Worktop options

Worksurface Options

The worksurface materials come with static dissipative properties such as-

i. Postform Laminated Particle Board

ii. Electrostatic Postform Laminated Particle Board

Flexi Workstation above worksurface accessories

Above Work Surface Accessories

1. Variety of shelves with dividers.

2. Lighting Provision

3. Options for Tool Rail and attachments.

4. Provision for Power Supply

5. Variety of panels with accessories (ex. pegboard, marker board etc)

6. Provision for mounting bins.

Flexi Workstation Micro and Macro slots


The workstation's flexible positioning system, with macro and micro slots on each side, accommodates various components for versatile setup with both heavy-duty and lighter-duty equipment.

Flexi Workstation accessories

Adjustability of accessories

Macro slot components adjust vertically in 3” increments, and micro slot components adjust in 1” increments. This customization enables workers to tailor the workstation for ergonomic comfort and task efficiency, easily adapting to changing needs or equipment.

Flexi Workstation load surface

Worksurface Load Capacity

Worksurface assembly has a load capacity of 250kg UDL (Uniformly Distributed Load). 

Flexi Workstation configuration

Footprint Configuration Options

The Macro/Micro Slot Positioning System offers versatile footprint configurations, including in-line, back-to-back (double-sided workstation), U, X, L, and T setups. This flexibility optimizes space utilization and workflow layouts efficiently.

Flexi Workstation


The workstation's modular design, with easily assembled sections in various sizes, optimizes vertical space. It's scalable and adaptable to different space and workflow requirements, allowing users quick and hassle-free expansion or reconfiguration.

Flexi Workstation knee space

Knee Space

Designed for ample knee space, promoting ergonomic comfort for operators, reducing strain and fatigue during extended work periods, enhancing overall productivity, and employee well-being.

Flexi Workstation hanging drawer

Hanging Drawers

Enhances organization and speeds up item retrieval. Comes with an ergonomic handle for an easy, safe access and locking option to keep your tools and materials safe. 

Various hanging drawer options cater to diverse applications available

Color Paint Palette

Choice of Colors

Colors available- Black, Dark Grey, Light Grey, Blue & Red

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