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Image of Furnace's Compactor

Mobile Shelving System

Maximize storage without adding more space

Mobile Shelving System allows you to create additional storage space within the existing area.

This means you can use more of your valuable space, more profitably.


Improve Productivity

  • Promotes organization of materials, increasing employee morale and productivity.

No more Time wastage

  • Centralized storage allows you to make it easier and faster for employees to retrieve and store goods.

Increased Protection

  • The Compactor is fitted with a central locking system which allows you to have a one point controlled access. Loaded items and files are safe from theft ordamage.

More Storage in less space

  • Making use of only a single accessible aisle, nearly doubles the storage capactiy of the archive space. Create extra space for revenue driven activities.

Futuristic Approach

  • Having a compactor makes storage clean, systematic and enclosed from visitors eyes. Additionally it increases the aesthetic value of the company.

Reduce Costs

  • Reduces energy operating costs to cool, heat, light,and maintain your building or lease space.

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