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Metal Lockers

Guarding your valuables

Personal Lockers

Providing personal lockers for employees to store their personal belongings reduces clutter from the workspace and keeps items safe and secure.


Grande Series

Classic Series

  • 20-25kg/Compartment

  • Numeric Locking

  • Double Skin Door

  • In-built Metal Handle

  • Plinth Base

  • Optional Slopy Top

  • 20-25kg/Compartment

  • Cam Locking

  • Single Skin Door

  • Recess Handle

  • Frame Base

  • Optional Slopy Top

Mobile Lockers

Shape your company's culture with dedicated lockers for phones, wallets, and keys. Mobile lockers minimize distractions and keep your workspace in check.


  • 3-5kg/ Compartment

    Numeric Locking

  • Cam/ Numeric Locking

  • Wall Mounting Provision

  • Frame/ Leg Base

  • Optional Slopy Top


Visually Appealing

  • Enhances your workspace aesthetics with stylish locker designs


  • Proper airflow prevents odors and maintains freshness

Reduces Clutter

  • Promote a tidy environment by organizing personal items

Strong & Sturdy

  • Durable construction ensures long-lasting use and security

Spacious Storage

  • Accommodate belongings efficiently with ample space

Secured Workspaces

  • Keep valuable items safe and maintain a secure work atmosphere

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