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ESD Workbenches

Precision, Safety, and Modularity for Your Industrial Workplace.

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Discover Furnace electronic workbenches, tailored to meet your operational and departmental needs. Our range includes standard and configurable designs, perfect for enhancing any existing or upcoming production line. For a functioning ESD workplace, we have different options for ESD accessories creating optimal conditions for effective work and enhancing productivity and well-being.

Perfect for assembly, quality checking, inspection, testing, R&D, and various industrial tasks, Furnace ESD tables are tailored to departmental needs. Experience structural modularity, ergonomic design, and flexibility with Furnace's ESD workstations, optimizing your workspace for peak performance.

Features & Benefits

ESD Workbenches Worktop Option

Worksurface Options

The worksurface materials come with static dissipative properties such as-

i. Postform Electrostatic Laminated Worktop, with a conductive laminate that controls and dissipates static charges, preventing damage to sensitive parts.

ii. Dissipative table mat on particle board worktop

ESD Workbenches Grounding


Our electronic workstations are equipped with grounding system to safely discharge static electricity. This includes a grounding point for personnel to connect their wrist strapes or other grounding devices

ESD Wrist Strapes

Wrist Straps

These ESD Tables have connections for wrist straps worn by personnel, ensuring proper grounding of operators.

ESD Workbenches with grounded shelving and storage

Grounded Shelving & Storage 

ESD-laminated shelves with ESD accessories, grounded to prevent static charge buildup.

Power supply provistion in ESD Workbenches

Built in Power Supply

Isolated power outlets on the workbench to minimize the risk of accidental discharges.

Additional Features

ESD Workbenches above worksurface accessories

Above Work Surface Accessories

1. Variety of shelves with dividers.

2. Lighting Provision

3. Options for Tool Rail and attachments.

4. Provision for Power Supply

5. Variety of panels with accessories (ex. pegboard, marker board etc)

6. Provision for mounting bins.

Hanging storage cabinet/drawers in ESD Workbenches

Choice of Storage Cabinet/ Hanging Drawers

Enhances organization and speeds up item retrieval. Drawer Compartment accessory available.

Image of a Lock in Cabinet

Locking Option

Keep your tools and materials safe and sound with our reliable locking system.

Ergonomic Handle in drawer

Ergonomic Handle

Promotes easy, safe access while minimizing strain.

Color Paint Palette

Powder Coated Finish

Colors available- Black, Dark Grey, Light Grey, Blue & Red

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