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Image of a series of Scitec Workbenches

Scitec Series Workbench

Workbench for any Technical Setting

Image of Scitec Workbench

With various technical worksurface options and a multitude of accessories, it adapts to diverse tasks. It not only enhances performance and job safety but also provides ergonomic ease and organization, making it a valuable asset in various technical settings.


Delivering better performance for the task at hand

  • Variety of technical worksurface gives Higher performance against application

Easy access to parts/tools

  • Wide choice of above and below worksurface accessories to provide ergonomic ease, better organization

Lean and organized storage

  • With the available hanging drawer

Cleaner Workspace

  • Fully enclosed scitec leg reduces the chances of dust/dirt settlement

Facilitates easy power supply operations

  • Optional riser with built-in power supply helps you get access to power supply at your work place

Improved safety & Comfort

  • Ergonomic handle reduces the likelihood of injury/fatigue


Scitec Workbench Features

Comprehensive Features

Furnace's products come with extensive features, and our team is here to assist you in picking the best one for your needs.

Image of a Workbench Top Material

Worksurface Options

Get Furnace's diverse workbench  featuring top-notch materials for any task and standard size options.

Color Paint Palette

Choice of Colors

Pick from 5 different colors and design your dream workstation.

Image of Drawer Partition

Drawer Accessories

Customize your tools/part storage with drawer partitions.

Image of a Lock in Cabinet

Locking Option

Keep your tools and materials safe and sound with our reliable locking system.

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