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How Smith & Nephew Implemented ESD-Safe Workbench for New Testing Facility


Smith & Nephew is a British multinational medical equipment manufacturing company. It is an international producer of advanced wound management products, arthroscopy products, trauma and clinical therapy products, and orthopedic reconstruction products.

The Story

Smith & Nephew established a laboratory for testing high-value medical equipment in Andheri, and Savills India was handling their project. Savills provided the furniture and ESD (electrostatic discharge) requirements to Ashray (Contractor). We were already in touch with Ashray. He approached us with the request to create furniture for Smith & Nephew. 


The Challenges

Along with the ESD Safe workbench, the client encountered two challenges: one was related to integrating the furniture with the available space, and the other involved their search for a product that met international standards.

Why Smith & Nephew Chose Our Furance

The client was accustomed to using international standard products, and they desired the same level of quality for their upcoming furniture. They discovered that Furnace met their quality requirements and decided to collaborate with us. Also, we helped them with the space integration.

How Furnace Responded

Ashray team provided us with reference drawings of the furniture, and in return, we shared our product drawings to give them an understanding of our product. They arranged a meeting with Savills to finalize the requirements. They shared the site layout, and we placed the furniture in the layout, which was later approved.

Following a brief discussion and negotiation, we began the manufacturing process. We provided our Scitec Workbench for their requirements.

To make the workstation ESD safe, we provided ESD mat, ESD wrist strap, and Earthing block.

The Results

By having our furniture system in place, not only fulfilled the client's ESD requirements but also effectively handled the weight of the instruments.

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