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How Cheviot Found Storage Solutions In India That Meet International Standards

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Cheviot is a global leader in providing sustainable solutions in the fields of textile, tea, and education.

The Story of Cheviot Group

Cheviot Group manufactures high-quality jute yarn and fabrics for the domestic and international markets. The company strives to provide sustainable alternatives through the processing of eco-friendly, highly versatile golden fiber. Apart from Jute, Cheviot has its tea produced in Binnakandy Tea Estate. The estate has over 550 quarters built within its grounds and produces high-quality black tea. The factory recently had a facelift with modern equipment and is now processing 1.4 million kgs of black tea every year.

The Challenge of Storage

Cheviot has production facilities that handle many different materials and components, which makes it hard to store all of them together in one place. For that, they required more than a standard storage solution, something that could increase their storage capacity for small components, equipment, and tools, while at the same time, they wanted to organize it in a way to be easily accessed by their employees. To achieve this, they started looking for drawer combinations with different heights and partitions.

Why Cheviot Chose Furnace

Our client was thrilled when they found a standard product from our catalog with impressive features. They were using an imported product before, and since they were accustomed to using an international standard product, they were looking for the same quality product here in India. They started searching for vendors and came across Furnace on IndiaMart. They went through our catalog and found a category of products that could help them fulfill their needs--both in terms of value for their investment and quality standards. Moreover, they found different configurations of the same product to choose from as per their needs and application so they decided to go with Furnace because it offered them more options.

How Furnace Responded

We considered the needs of our clients and offered them Base Cabinets as a solution to their storage problems. We sent two sample cabinets to the client and they were delighted with our product. They decided to invest in our product and we started working on the project. We made sure that their storage needs in terms of storing components and equipment were fulfilled by providing different sizes of compartments with accessories in drawers for easy access to needed materials.

Furnace's Base Cabinet

The Results

The product was delivered within 4 weeks, even before the deadline. The client was pleased with the product and its performance, installation was done on time and in a professional manner. After our first successful project with Cheviot, they are looking forward to working with us again in the future!

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