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Kritsnam's Challenge To Find High-Quality ESD Workstation For Its Water Management Technologies

Updated: Feb 21


Founded in 2015 in Kanpur, Kritsnam Technologies makes Artificial intelligence-backed solutions to manage water resources sustainably. With their product Dhaara, a revolutionary water budgeting application, businesses can now objectively evaluate water risks and digitally manage their water footprint.


The Story

Mr. Pawan, the procurement head, connected with Furnace via an online marketplace seeking workstations for assembly and testing. Subsequently, a meeting was arranged with Mr. Siddharth, the Opex specialist, alongside their users. We discussed several parameters to understand their requirements such as their operation type; weight capacity of the table; applications such as assembly, testing, real-time current testing, MSP and ADC capture test, token generation, voltage, and continuity test; number of users per table; accessories required for the table and ESD safety. Based on this, we proposed our ESD-safe workstation.

The Challenge To Find High-Quality ESD Workstations

While seeking workstations, they encountered fabricated tables lacking configurability and futuristic features. Additionally, they faced issues with poor powder coating quality and underwhelming design in those workstations.

Why Kritsnam Chose Furnace

After connecting with Kritsnam for their requirements, we shared our product catalog with them, explaining our product ecosystem. Impressed by our versatile offerings and configurable approach, they favored our pre-configured series for its time-saving benefits and simplicity. For the procurement head, it helped them in facilitating swift decisions.

Another thing, they valued our products for their future scalability and seamless integration with accessories. Also, as they prioritized budget considerations from the beginning, our product's easy assembly proved instrumental in avoiding additional installation expenses.

How Furnace Responded

After thorough discussion and resource exchange, we delivered Link Workstation with the provision for ESD to meet their specific needs.

The Results

The workstation was accompanied by user-friendly assembly instructions, enabling the client to effortlessly set up the furniture independently. Additionally, the ESD protection integrated into the furniture facilitated the establishment of a secure testing environment, enhancing operational safety and efficiency.

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