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How Furnace Packing Workbenches Enhanced Delux Bearing's Packaging Processes


Delux Bearings is a leading innovator and bearing manufacturer that has been a partner to the Indian and global Automotive industry for over 50 years. With over 800 unique products and an ever-expanding portfolio, Delux Bearings offers niche solutions for all types of bearing and precision parts.

Today Delux is one of the largest manufacturers of clutch release, niche balls, roller bearings, and precision components in India with leading technologies and a deep and loyal customer base.


The Story

This was the second time Delux Bearing placed an order with us. They had previously used our packaging workstation for their packaging-related operations. Now, as their warehouse was undergoing expansion and renovation, they needed more similar workstations. Having been satisfied with our tables over the years, they reached out to us again. 

The Warehouse Manager initiated the request for the product and provided valuable insights into the packaging requirements essential for their operations. This included details like the type of cartons, sizes of carton boxes, the number of labels and tapes needed, and how to store them properly. What they struggled with was choosing the right workbench for that, and that's where we stepped in.

He shared all the specific requirements and expressed a preference for a lean storage solution. We introduced our pack workbench series, tailored to meet all these packaging needs.


The Challenges

To start the selection process, we recommended our pre-configured products within the pack series. Configuring the products posed a challenge for them, so we assisted by creating SketchUp models. These models visually demonstrated how the products would look, helping them easily configure the suitable workbench for their needs.


Why they chose to work with Furnace

They decided to collaborate with us for the second time because they experienced a high return on investment (ROI) from our previous order. The trust that was built during that time made them stick with us and not consider any other vendor.


Along with the workbench, we assisted the client in choosing the above work surface accessories-

  1. Markerboard for instructions and SOPs

  2. Shelf selected for the storage of carton boxes

  3. Light installed for illumination

  4. Label holder incorporated for easy access to labels

  5. Power socket added for packaging instrument

  6. Monitor arm included for monitor placement


The below work surface accessories given are-

  1. Shelf with divider for organized storage of carton boxes by size and type, with adjustable height.

  2. Another adjustable shelf is designated for storing bearings in bins/trays.

These accessories aided in creating a lean workplace.

Furnace Packaging Workbench at Delux Bearing Gujarat Site.



The Results

The client was satisfied with the product. The system helped them have a Lean and Productive work area.

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