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How Popular Enterprises Struggled To Find Workstations In Remote Areas- Furnace Comes To The Rescue

Updated: Nov 18, 2023


Popular Enterprises is based in Shillong and takes tenders for manufacturing school furniture and also resells educational machinery like lab equipment, experimental lab machinery, etc.

The Story of Popular Enterprises

They received an order from one University for workstations that are used in their educational labs, where they put rapid prototyping and laser cutting to good use.

The Challenge To Find Metal Furniture Under Budget

They started looking for vendors and came across the IndiaMart platform. They observed that there were many vendors, but found this to be a problem as the other vendors lacked trust in the client's eyes and did not offer quality products. The team was also constrained by the location of their project. They were unable to find good quality materials in that area, and they also lacked knowledge about how to use the government funds properly, which led them to utilize inefficient materials for furniture such as wood.

Why Popular Chose Furnace

After researching IndiaMart, they bumped into Furnace Profile where they found a variety of products that met their needs. They wanted to utilize the funds completely with a product that can give them good ROI and investment value. Our product photos and website seemed interesting to them. After going through our Lean and Ergonomic approaches, they liked our product quality, flexibility, and categorization in an industry-wise way. They arranged a visit to our facility to check out the products. They were impressed and decided to work with us. They liked how easy it was to assemble our products, and that they could use them as they pleased. Because we'd already configured our products, it was easy for them to choose and pick what kind of workstation will be suitable for them.

How Furnace Responded

We started by assisting them in a meeting with university professors. We shared our product catalog and helped them with the documents they needed to guide their meetings. They spoke with the professors and taught them about our products, and as a result, they were ready to purchase our products.

Next, they selected 2 pre-configured products that were 2 links, and 1 configurable product. They took 3 different workstations to justify our product ecosystem and versatility with the operations needs.

We manufactured and tested the product at our facility. We then assembled the product and checked it before disassembling it. We packed the product in a way that made it easy for them to assemble without any confusion. We shared assembly instructions so that they could install the product easily.

The Results

The client was happy to receive a product that could be assembled by themselves, with assistance from a guide. This also helped them save a lot of cost on transport: they wouldn't have to pay for shipping and handling costs. They were also pleased with our service when they found it difficult to assemble their product.

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