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Posst Bike's Challenge To Open A Service Centre

Updated: Nov 18, 2023

Posst Bike is a startup based in Chennai, committed to making high-quality, custom bicycles that meet global standards. They strive to procure the best parts and components from the best companies in the world and assemble them in their facility. They also work with multiple partners around the world to develop custom parts for their bicycles. The workers saw the same commitment to quality in products that drove them to work with Furnace.

The Story of Posst Bike

The client's goal has been to develop a facility (workshop) that would serve as a showcase to the world for their custom bicycles. They needed a place that would reflect the quality of their product and how they develop the same. Since the founder has a strong technical background and has been a multi-entrepreneur, he wanted to ensure that the quality of products he was purchasing for his startup was not compromised.

For that, they've already worked with Furnace who helped them set up a facility in Chennai for their assembly operations.

The Challenge of Opening a Servicing Facility in Bangalore

This time, the client wanted to open a servicing facility in Bangalore, and for that, they asked for tools or equipment-centric products that could help them in the seamless servicing of bikes. They wanted to show their customers that they have quality servicing facilities in Bangalore and so they needed equal quality products.

Why Posst Bike Chose Furnace

Seeing the success of their last project, they decided to continue working with Furnace for their Bangalore Facility as well. They were pleased with the service and timely delivery of the product as well as the quality of it. So they reached out to Furnace with a different challenge this time.

How Furnace Responded

Furnace understood their needs and had a clear vision of how to meet them. To do so, Furnace provided a Workstation with accessories that were useful for the tools and instruments they needed. This helped the technicians in organizing their tools so as to perform servicing tasks with ease.

Furnace Workstation at Posst Bike Bangalore Facility

Furnace Workstation at Posst Bike Bangalore Facility

The Results

The client was delighted with the service and how the furniture was assembled. All his issues were resolved satisfactorily by Furnace, who also took care of all of his concerns regarding the timely delivery and functionality of the product. The product worked well beyond the client's expectations.

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